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Regional Technology Alliance Releases New Brand, Vision

Regional Technology Alliance Releases New Brand, Vision

Posted on: March 8, 2021


Roanoke, Virginia, March 8, 2021 – Today, at a special virtual event, three established and well-known regional technology organizations formalized and celebrated their 2020 strategic alliance — revealing the new entity’s name, ‘Verge,’ brand identity, website, and a shared vision for regional advancement. 

On July 1, 2020, Valleys Innovation Council (VIC), Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council (RBTC), and the Regional Accelerator and Mentoring Program (RAMP) jointly announced that they were developing a strategic alliance to unify and streamline the efforts of each organization to better support the region’s technologists, innovators, and entrepreneurs. 

Now called Verge, the newly aligned organization will seek to strengthen connections and better leverage emerging opportunities across the GO Virginia Region 2 technology and life sciences innovation ecosystem.

While each of the three affiliate organizations will continue to operate day-to-day under their legacy brands with John Phillips, President, heading up RBTC, Dr. Mary Miller, Director of RAMP, and Dr. Meredith Hundley, VIC’s Director of research, planning and grant activities, Verge will serve as a welcoming front door for the region’s innovation economy in collaboration with partners from the business, education and government sectors. 

“What is happening in technology in this part of Virginia is really exciting,” CEO Greg Feldmann said. “By aligning the efforts of three distinct but synergistic entities, we will all more effectively develop external resourcing, more efficiently implement new programs ensuring each reaches the right audiences at the right moments and in the right contexts to provide maximum value. It’s all about comprehensively supporting the many people and organizations who are investing in and shaping the economic future of our region.”

Board co-Chairs Marty Muscatello and Ken Ferris agreed. “We are extremely excited to roll out a name and brand for the organization that represents the combination of three organizations that are now completely aligned for the growth of the region’s innovation economy. We have a tremendous opportunity in our region to build upon the technology and life sciences sectors with the support of the business and academic community.”

The organization’s new name, Verge, was selected and announced following a six-month process that involved stakeholder interviews, focus groups, interactive feedback sessions and visioning workshops. The process engaged the leaders of all three legacy organizations.

“I have been involved in our region for more than 30 years and Director of RAMP since the beginning, and you can feel the energy growing within our region,” said RAMP’s Miller. “We are indeed on the verge of accelerating our regional economic opportunities and our new branding, Verge, captures it all. I am proud of what can happen when we come together with purpose.​”

The Verge brand was developed by local marketing and growth strategy consulting firm, Eddy Alexander, which is known nationally for its work supporting clients in emerging technology, economic development, and higher education.

“The timing is right for this intentional market repositioning,” said Jennifer Eddy, President and Chief Strategist at Eddy Alexander. “Verge is focused on pushing limits, removing barriers, and proactively preparing for what comes next. The new name fits the new organization’s mission. As technology converges at lightning speed, the idea that three of our most successful regional entities are actively evolving to continue to meet the needs of our regional community is really exciting. We can’t wait to see what this group does next.” 


About Verge

Verge is a collaborative strategic alliance established to grow the region’s innovation economy, technology and life sciences sectors, and the supporting professional communities. It aligns the strengths and programming efforts of the Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council (RBTC), the Regional Accelerator and Mentoring Program (RAMP), and Valleys Innovation Council (VIC). Verge serves GO Virginia Region 2 and works to form collaborations with government, business, academia, and other organizations to advance the region and grow a thriving innovation economy. To learn more about membership, events, and how to get involved, visit VergeVA.org.

Media Contact:
Greg Feldmann
Executive Director & CEO,Verge