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RAMP welcomes 5 startups into Fall 2022 Cohort

RAMP welcomes 5 startups into Fall 2022 Cohort

Posted on: September 20, 2022
RAMP welcomes 5 startups into Fall 2022 Cohort

Please join us in welcoming these 5 startups/entrepreneurs to our Fall 2022 Cohort!

  • Fermi Energy, Inc. | Feng Lin & Zhengrui Xu: Founded by a team of battery scientists and engineers at Virginia Tech, Fermi Energy is developing fundamentally disruptive cathode technologies to help create the U.S. supply chain of battery manufacturing. 
  • Dot Solutions, LLC | Sal Ferlise & Emily Sweet: Dot Solutions LLC, aka Dot Drives, is an internet-based donor engagement software application that was specifically designed for a startup to mid-sized nonprofit. 
  • Enabled Engineering | Kumar Kandasamy: Based in Blacksburg, Enabled Engineering develops innovative manufacturing technologies for extreme applications, such as fabricating materials in nuclear reactors and enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity materials. 
  • Qentoros | Michael Miller & Jessica Gilbertie: Qentoros is developing a biologic therapeutic to treat a variety of infectious and/or inflammatory conditions in animals and humans. The biologic is based on blood products and has demonstrated efficacy in treating a number of veterinary patient conditions that did not improve with normal antibiotic treatment.
  • Kenkashi Microbes | Cassie Wilson & Jason Anderson: Kenkashi Microbes delivers a full range of microbial benefits, from compost boosts to direct microbial and micronutrient application for plant health and resiliency.