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Become A Mentor

Mentors play a crucial role in RAMP by providing assistance and direction to companies across various functional and subject matter areas.

We are looking for dedicated mentors to support and guide RAMP companies across a variety of functional and subject matter areas to include accounting, finance, sales, human capital, clinical operations to name a few.

There are several levels of mentorship that RAMP is seeking:

  • RAMP In-Residence Mentor: Mentor available to offer 4-5 hours a week over 10-weeks during RAMP In-Residence cohort.
  • Community Mentor: Available to participate in single event programming or offer ad hoc support in area of expertise.
A man and woman standing and talking to each other
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Qualities of A RAMP Mentor

  • At least 5 years of experience in an industry or functional area of need.
    • Industries: Healthcare, Biotech, Agriculture, Manufacturing, Defense, Fintech, Enterprise
    • Functional Areas: accounting, finance, sales, human capital, clinical operations, M&A
  • Ability to meet the time requirements of the role.
  • No conflict-of-interest issues with the company identified.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a mentor. Thank you and we hope to meet you soon.

Why it matters

Being a mentor allows me to pay it forward and to share my experiences and lessons learned with others so that I can hopefully ease their path. It also helps me learn and grow as I look at the challenges faced by those that I mentor.

Robert McAden, RAMP Mentor