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Getting Started

Do I have to be in a specific industry?

We are open to all industries! Whether you are solving problems for healthcare professionals, farmers, or the warfighter, we are here to help.

Is this a full-time in-person program?

We require at least one full-time founder on your team in person for the program. Multiple founders can participate in the program if you wish.

What if we already went through an accelerator?

We are supportive of companies that have been through other accelerator programs, as there is tremendous nuance in each accelerator’s network and offerings. If this is the case for your company, we would like to understand your “Why RAMP” as part of your story for applying. 

What Happens Next?

How do I apply?

Use this link to apply. The deadline for Spring 2024 is February 11 at 11:59 pm. 

How does the application process work?

Once applications are closed, a panel of our staff, alumni, mentors, and community members will review each application. Applications go through several rounds, with the last round being an online interview. Our team will notify you if your application has been accepted or declined for the cohort at least two weeks prior to the start of the cohort. 

Can I apply again if my application doesn’t get accepted?

We will give you high-level feedback on your application and if the challenges were related to a fit with the program or if you are just too early for our cohort. We always encourage those companies who are a profile fit to apply again for future cohorts as they continue to grow and develop.

More About The Program

When does RAMP In-Residence run?

We have two cohorts a year – Spring and Fall. Our Spring cohort generally runs early- to mid-March through mid- to late-May. The Fall cohort generally takes place from late August through early November. 

Are there restrictions on how I can use the non-dilutive $20,000?

There are no restrictions on its use with the company.

What does the in-person portion of the cohort look like?

The in-person programming is composed of several phases: bootcamp, classes, workshops, and demo day. You are expected to be available in-person for all of these events to work with the instructors, RAMP team, and fellow companies.

What kind of programming is offered?

Every week, we will present new topics related to entrepreneurship and growing a successful venture. The core instruction focused on building and founder tool set focused on customer discovery and product market fit. Other areas of instruction include storytelling, go-to-market strategy, and presentation. We will augment this instruction with training and lunch and learns on critical topics like IP law and term sheets, negotiations, market sizing, sales, and finance and accounting.

Does RAMP cover travel and housing costs??

No, this is the Founder’s responsibility.

What is the time commitment of the cohort?

Founders should expect to spend between 5-6 hours in presentations or instruction sessions per week with at least 8-10 hours of individual work related to customer discovery.