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Autonomous Flight Technologies

Autonomous Flight Technologies

Autonomous Flight Technologies, Inc (AFT) is a privately owned and operated company specializing in the advancement of small scale aircraft related to the UAV/UAS industry. For over 15 years we have stayed in the forefront of this expanding industry by obtaining, flying, and researching all aspects regarding small unmanned aircraft carrying payloads of up to 10 pounds/ 4.5 kilograms. AFT is fully authorized to operate UAS commercially across the United States. Our crews offer everything from professional filming and photography to industry specific mapping and monitoring.  No job too big or small, having multiple crews allows us to serve multiple clients across the country.

Autonomous Flight Technologies  is working diligently to create industry specific packages to suit any and all needs. Autonomous mapping, environmental monitoring, surveillance, aerial photography and filming, and much more. You provide us with the your aerial needs and we can build the aircraft to suit.

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