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Meet the Cohort: Kinergy Care

Meet the Cohort: Kinergy Care

Posted on: April 1, 2021

Like cascading dominoes, Robert’s life was falling apart.

His diabetes was out of control, resulting in episodic shocks that cost him his driver’s license. No longer able to get out and about, he became a shut-in, which led to a severe depression.

Thankfully there was Kinergy Care, a healthcare coaching and coordination service founded by Gail Embt and led by Arthur Spivy that is one of RAMP’s four startups in our 2021 Spring Health & Life Science Cohort.

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Currently based in McLean with plans to move to Roanoke, Kinergy Care has designed a platform to better track and manage patients across acute, ambulatory and home care settings, expertly guiding a non-clinical community health worker at every step in delivering care coaching and coordination, enabling a cost effective and scalable solution.

For Robert, Kinergy Care’s community health workers and care navigators engaged him in getting his diabetes under control and his license reinstated, which lifted his depression.

More at http://kinergycare.com.