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Lisa’s Pitch – March 2023 Newsletter

Lisa’s Pitch – March 2023 Newsletter

Posted on: March 14, 2023
Lisa's Pitch - March 2023 Newsletter

In 2016 I was working for a startup. For free. And then for a piece of the sales. I had a hockey stick moment in my life that was both profitable and memorable.

I fell in love with the world of entrepreneurship and I was already enamored with technology. I find small companies a great fit for me because you get to touch everything! Growing them up a bit is fun, too, I have to admit. 

But something that really made that year special was the fact that our company won a Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council Rising Star Award. I remember sitting at the banquet and feeling honored to be there and thrilled with the whole atmosphere. 

RBTC has put out a call for nominations for TechNite awards and I hope you will hit pause and help create a surprising and delightful moment for someone in our tech community. What makes these awards special is the gathering of so many people that share the same desire to build something that enriches both our region’s economy and the landscape of technology.

As someone who has worked with RAMP for nearly five years, I can say I always have a gush of pride when a RAMP company wins an award. 

I remember one year a founder held up his award to me and said, “This is because of you.” I quickly replied that I had nothing to do with it. I explained that I had not nominated the company and I was not on the selection committee. He laughed a little and said that was not what he meant. He meant that I had helped him and his company earn the award through my support. 


So go ahead. Make someone’s day. Nominate one or two or three of the companies that inspire you with their grit and perseverance and the quality of the leadership. Nominate a person whose work stands out and maybe is not well-known … yet. An award from RBTC can be a catalyst to raise brand awareness of both companies and people!