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Meet the Cohort: ThermaSENSE 600 383 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

Meet the Cohort: ThermaSENSE

Blacksburg born and bred, Ali Roghani has earned undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. degrees in engineering from Virginia Tech along with an MBA.

In 2017, he founded ThermaSENSE Corp., which makes non-invasive “AccuTemp” sensors that measure the internal temperature of objects from the surface – such as insulated walls, water pipes, even live tissue – accurately and in real-time. As a result, AccuTemp has a number of applications in the agricultural, healthcare, and wearable technology sectors.

ThermaSENSE is a member of RAMP’s Fall 2021 Technology Cohort.

Meet the Cohort: Corvus Labs 600 405 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

Meet the Cohort: Corvus Labs

A self-described “Hokie coming home,” Spencer Leamy helped found Corvus Labs in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center.

According to Leamy, decision makers often are drowning in useless insights from the “data deluge” — such as doctors using robotic surgical devices — which impacts their ability to make timely, relevant insights to close the loop as fast as possible between observation and action.

Corvus Labs, for which Leamy serves as Chief Research Officer, is a software development firm dedicated to building advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning applications by leveraging emerging computational paradigms.

Corvus Labs is a member of RAMP’s Fall 2021 Technology Cohort.

Meet the Cohort: ArchiveCore 1024 622 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

Meet the Cohort: ArchiveCore

As a physician and medical director of a rehabilitation unit, Dr. Lennox McNeary grew frustrated with the lengthy 90- to 120-day credentialing process of onboarding a new medical professional. These administrative delays can cost a health care system $7,000-$10,000 per day in lost potential revenue.

So with Dr. Keel Coleman, she co-founded ArchiveCore.

Using blockchain technology, ArchiveCore creates “digital fingerprints of authenticity” that instantly verifies a medical professional has the certifications she/he claims to have so that new hires can start work faster.

ArchiveCore is a member of RAMP’s Fall 2021 Technology Cohort. More on ArchiveCore at http://archivecore.us.

Meet the Cohort: Cowden Technologies 600 357 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

Meet the Cohort: Cowden Technologies

“Drones are cool,” says Mickey Cowden, “but the longer I worked with them, I realized I spent more time setting up the drones or troubleshooting hardware issues before I could do anything productive. I have spent a lot of time changing batteries, charging batteries, and offloading data. I got tired of doing that, and I thought, ‘this could be done without the person doing all the logistics.'”

So he founded Cowden Technologies, which has designed a smart docking station for drones, enabling remote environment management without requiring human supervision.

More on Cowden Technologies at https://cowden.tech/.

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RAMP Welcomes Startups to Fall 2021 Technology Cohort 500 154 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

RAMP Welcomes Startups to Fall 2021 Technology Cohort


August 30, 2021 (Roanoke, Va.) – Four Blacksburg- and Roanoke-based entrepreneurs working with machine intelligence, drone docking stations, healthcare credentialing, and thermal sensing have been selected to RAMP’s Fall 2021 Cohort focused on technology startups.

The companies were selected in a rigorous application and interview process by RAMP, the Regional Accelerator and Mentoring Program for Southwest Virginia, to receive mentoring and other resources in the intensive 13-week program starting September 13.

  • ArchiveCore (Lennox McNeary) has created a cloud-based software that uses distributed ledger technology to simplify healthcare credentialing.
  • Corvus Labs (Spencer Leamy) utilizes machine intelligence to augment and enhance human performance.
  • ThermaSENSE (Ali Roghani) provides real-time, accurate, and non-invasive measurements of internal temperature and properties of almost any object.
  • Cowden Technologies (Mickey Cowden) has designed a smart docking station for drones, enabling remote environment management without requiring human supervision.

“Our team was thrilled to discover such a wealth of technology talent right here in our backyard,” said RAMP director Dr. Mary Miller. “The real-world education many of them received from Virginia Tech is truly inspiring and we look forward to helping them define and grow their entrepreneurial vision and their company mission in the weeks ahead.”

The startups will receive expert 1:1 mentoring with the region’s top entrepreneurs and executives, free office space with high-speed internet in downtown Roanoke, financial support and access to venture capitalists. At the completion of the course, the entrepreneurs will present to the community at “Demo Day,” tentatively scheduled for December 9.

This is RAMP’s sixth cohort since 2017. Previously held once a year, a 2020 grant totaling nearly $1 million from the U.S. Economic Development Administration has allowed RAMP to expand to two cohorts per year with a spring focus on health and life sciences and a fall program on technology startups.

RAMP is an affiliate of Verge, a collaborative strategic alliance established to grow the region’s innovation economy. RAMP program partners include Roanoke City, Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council and Virginia Western Community College. 

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