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  • January 21, 2022

Mentor Month Appreciation

Mentor Month Appreciation

Mentor Month Appreciation 1024 768 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

In honor of January being “Mentor Month,” please join us in thanking all of RAMP’s dedicated mentors who selflessly give of their time and talents to help the next generation of tech entrepreneurs.

They include: Mark Lucas, Russ Ellis, Victor Iannello , Doug Juanarena, Cynthia Rancourt, Greg Feldmann, Geoff McCarty, Chris Moore, Bart Wilner, Cynthia and Mark Lawrence, Kelly Woolwine, Jim McAden, John Schott, Dan Sable, Troy Keiser, Cathie Brown, Tom Piccariello, Kevin Bloomfield, Leon Harris, William Fralin, NextUp Solutions, Allan Tsang (88 Owls), Dan Summerlin and Fourd Kemper (Woods Rogers PLC), Danielle Hart (VA Career Works), James Ramey (VTC Seed Fund), Member One Federal Credit Union, Carilion Clinic, Brad Denardo and Harvey Brookins (National Bank of Blacksburg), Lisa Garcia, Mike Abbott, Kody Cobb, Tom England, Cheryl Giggetts, Jill Loope, Scott Pleasants, and Tom Rowley.