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Lisa’s Pitch – February 2023 Newsletter 900 512 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

Lisa’s Pitch – February 2023 Newsletter

“My company is too far along for RAMP.”

I heard this comment recently from an entrepreneur whose company is an ideal fit for RAMP. 

Oof. Time to do a quick lesson on what RAMP is and who it serves.

Why now? Because Sunday is the deadline for applying for our Spring Cohort of the RAMP-in-Residence 12-week program! You can apply here: Apply to RAMP!

RAMP is a bit over 5 years old and it was created to help technology companies grow. Over the years its scope has expanded to expressly include life and health science companies in the biotechnology, digital health and biomedical space as well. RAMP will continue to evolve. Spoiler alert: there are new programs launching this year!

Today we work with technology and life and health science companies based in Virginia – largely in GO Virginia Region 2 – that have at least two people on the team. The company should be ready to accelerate current sales and growth by refining its customer and market focus.

Our team coaches and teaches evidenced-based innovation and entrepreneurship.

This data-centric approach continues to fuel funding into companies around the world and we see the skill of seeking out data and being able to organize and analyze it to be key components of any successful business. We expect companies to be willing and eager to go out to potential customers to get what we call “primary data.” This is the information that is not readily available from an internet search or a market study. It is information that comes from talking to people who are embedded in the workflow where a product or service will be used.

So, is your company ready to accelerate? Still have questions? Please reach out and if you are ready to apply, please do that. We are excited to meet you and support you and your company’s growth and development in Virginia!

~ Lisa K. Garcia, Director of RAMP

Spring 2023 Cohort Applications Now Open 1024 576 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

Spring 2023 Cohort Applications Now Open

Applications are now open for RAMP’s 2023 Spring Cohort focusing on Technology and Health & Life Science companies! If you are an entrepreneur interested in applying for the program, or taking on a role as a mentor, please contact us at info@ramprb.com.

Application deadline is Feb. 12.

Located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, we offer two cohorts per year with an average of five STEM-related companies accepted. 

We are currently accepting only Virginia companies based in the Southwest, Western and Central regions of the Commonwealth. Cohort companies must fully participate in the program and locate to the Roanoke region. The accepted companies can expect to be engaged in the program two full days a week for the entire 12-week program that features:

  • 1:1 expert mentoring as well as access to content mentors covering the world of business knowledge
  • Free office space with hi-speed internet access
  • Access to angel and VC investors through our Demo Day presentations
  • $20,000 in equity-free funding
  • Free membership in the Roanoke-Blacksburg Technology Council and Shenandoah Club
  • Three additional years of ongoing support in Exit RAMP

As a proud member of GAN, each founder is also given access to playbooks, mentors and other resources across hundreds of other accelerators and companies around the world.

Qentoros | Meet the Fall 2022 Cohort (Part 3) 900 509 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

Qentoros | Meet the Fall 2022 Cohort (Part 3)

Meet our Fall 2022 Cohort (Part 3 of 5).

Qentoros | Michael Miller & Jessica Gilbertie: Qentoros is developing a biologic therapeutic to treat a variety of infectious and/or inflammatory conditions in animals and humans. The biologic is based on blood products and has demonstrated efficacy in treating a number of veterinary patient conditions that did not improve with normal antibiotic treatment. Watch now!

Fermi Energy | Meet the Fall 2022 Cohort (Part 2) 900 512 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

Fermi Energy | Meet the Fall 2022 Cohort (Part 2)

Meet our Fall 2022 Cohort (Part 2 of 5).

Fermi Energy, Inc. | Feng Lin & Zhengrui Xu: Founded by a team of battery scientists and engineers at Virginia Tech, Fermi Energy is developing fundamentally disruptive #cathode technologies to help create the U.S. supply chain of battery manufacturing. Watch now!

Kenkashi Microbes | Meet the Fall 2022 Cohort (Part 1) 1024 585 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

Kenkashi Microbes | Meet the Fall 2022 Cohort (Part 1)

Meet our Fall 2022 Cohort (Part 1) …

Kenkashi Microbes (Cassie Wilson & Jason Anderson) delivers a full range of microbial benefits, from compost boosts to direct microbial and micronutrient application for plant health and resiliency. Watch now!