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Mentor Magic: Mike Abbott 600 337 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

Mentor Magic: Mike Abbott

“Be your best devil’s advocate,” says RAMP instructor Mike Abbott in our newest “Mentor Magic” video that offers advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Mentor Profile: Doug Juanarena 300 375 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

Mentor Profile: Doug Juanarena

Please join us in thanking Doug Juanarena — serial entrepreneur, Valleys Innovation Council board co-chair and mentor to three successful RAMP tech startups to date.

Founder and CEO of three tech startups over a 35-year career, Juanarena today donates his expertise to help aspiring entrepreneurs as a RAMP mentor. “It’s been rewarding because it’s fun to help the next generation of founders get to the next level whether it’s scaling up through raising capital or product development or strategic planning,” Juanarena says.

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RAMP launches “Mentor Magic” 1024 682 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

RAMP launches “Mentor Magic”

RAMP director Mary Miller introduces our new video series “Mentor Magic” that features advice from our team of expert mentors for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Mentor Profile: John Schott 400 400 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

Mentor Profile: John Schott

Entrepreneur John Schott is passionate about the Roanoke-Blacksburg business community.

He first fell in love with the region while attending Virginia Tech, where he earned a Master’s in Civil Engineering, but career opportunities took him to Northern Virginia. “I knew I wanted to get back to this region, but didn’t know if I could have a career here.”

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RAMP thanks Virginia Western 1024 721 RAMP - Regional Accelerator

RAMP thanks Virginia Western

As RAMP prepares to launch its 5th year of cohorts, please join us in thanking Carole Tarrant and the Virginia Western Community College Educational Foundation for their pivotal role in making our program possible.

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